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Full range of standard and bespoke street furniture products

We offer a full range of standard street furniture products, though generally speaking most items we have manufactured and install are at least partly customised or entirely bespoke. This is because, inevitably, street furniture has aesthetic value as well as functional and therefore its form will be carefully considered by the architect. Bollards are at one end of the scale and because their purpose is almost entirely functional rather than aesthetic, they are more generally standard. Whereas, benches need far more aesthetic value and therefore will either be customised for a specific site, or be an entirely bespoke design.

In addition, street furniture installations will also typically need to take account of the surrounding landscape and buildings, and therefore will take design cues from them.

We have separated out our products below between benches and seating, bollards, pedestrian hoop barriers cycle shelters and cycle racks, cycle chicanes, people shelters, trolley parks, bin stores, column and pipe protection, plus 'unique projects' which do not fit into any of the previous categories.

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