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Swing Barriers

The Procter Swing Barrier is a manually operated swing gate which is ideal for applications such as the entrance to industrial and commercial sites, where only occasional control of entry is required.  It is made from robust square steel tube and supplied galvanised then polyester coated.  Additional painting in warning red and white or black and yellow is available, with the light colours on both options formed from reflective tape.

The Procter Swing Barrier is extremely robust and reliable.  It incorporates several safety features: The gate is self-latching onto its catch posts to ensure it cannot swing freely; the leading edge beam is very short and the lower edge is low to ensure, should the gate swing open, it contacts only with a vehicle’s bumper.  Adjustable hinges are fitted to ensure the exact level can be obtained on site.

The gate can be locked in both open and closed positions (with the optional second catch post) by padlock and is constructed by heavy duty galvanised mild steel.  A range of options are available, including ragged for casting into new concrete, flanged for bolting to existing concrete, and double gates which meet in the middle with removable catch posts.


  1. Galvanised steel construction.
  2. Painted red as standard. 
  3. The gate can be secured with the minimum of user intervention due to the spring loaded Self Latching mechanism. 
  4. Padlock can be used to secure the gate in the open or closed position (recommended). 
  5. White/red class 2 reflectors. 
  6. Adjustable hinges allow on-site adjustment to ensure that the gate and catch post are correctly aligned. 
  7. The catch post has a reduced height making the release mechanism of the gate easier and reduces the risk of trapped fingers. 
  8. Added safety features include: Skirt height of 550mm (approx car bumper height). 
  9. Double gates are also available with central locking or double removable catch post. 
  10. Lockable by padlock (available extra). 
  11. Additional catch post is required to lock gate in "open" position. 


  • Boom length up to 6.0m, 60x60x3mm steel.
  • 996mm to underside of boom.
  • Steel pivot post 120x120x5mm thick. 
  • Catch post of 90x50x3mm thick. 
  • Catch post adjustable to +/- 70mm.
Swing Gate SB504
Swing Barrier SB505
Swing Gate SB504
Swing Barrier SB505
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