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Specialist manufacturing facilities for street furniture and full UK coverage

A further benefit of dealing with Procter Street Furniture is that we partner with specialist manufacturers for all products. For certain products and including those that can include cast stone or concrete (e.g. benches and seating) we use our own manufacturing facility, but for everything else we use specialist manufacturers that we closely partner with. We operate right across the UK, with bases in the north of England, SE England and South Wales. 

Street furniture in steel, cast stone and timber

By combining our own manufacturing capability with that of our specialist partner manufacturers, we’re able to supply and install street furniture in almost any design and using a wide range of materials. As a summary of our combined manufacturing capability we’re able to carry out: 

  • Metal punching and folding
  • Laser cutting - e.g. for logos and intricate shapes
  • Galvanising if appropriate
  • Powder coating in any standard colour or special 
  • Stainless steel fabrication 
  • Cast stone and concrete
  • Timberwork