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Our Quotation Service

Whether the quotation is for street furniture only or for large projects involving fencing and gates, our quotation service is efficient and thorough.  And a specific that we always guarantee is that there will never be any hidden costs, so the prices we show in the quotation are what you will pay (assuming no changes in specification at a later date of course).  We also make our quotation as helpful as possible, and an example being that we will often include images of similar products to those we are quoting for, plus we write everything in plain English.  What is more, if the quotation is for a contract that also involves fencing and gates, then you will receive one document with everything clearly itemised.  We also aim to get quotations returned in the quickest possible time, though obviously for large and more complex projects it is important we allow enough time to ensure that everything has been properly covered.  

A further way we ensure that our quotation service for street furniture is as easy for our clients as possible, is to allocate a single point of contact.  This means that you will only be dealing with one person, and in the event of any queries you will know who to contact and they will quickly be able to clarify on any information or specific point.  

In summary for our quotation service: 

  • It is efficient and thorough
  • There are no hidden extras and what we state is what you pay
  • Quotation are written in plain English
  • Images are included where this is deemed helpful to understanding
  • One quotation document if fencing and gates are also included
  • One point of contact to quickly answer any queries

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